(Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH

 A gynecological emergency that can occur within 24 hours after birth
Develops mostly due to lack of sufficient contraction of the uterus (uterine atony)
About a quarter of maternal deaths globally, and around 11 percent in the US, stem from postpartum hemorrhage,
marking it as the primary reason behind maternal mortality.
While several factors could lead to unusual postpartum bleeding, uterine atony stands out as the most common, responsible for 80 percent of postpartum hemorrhages and affecting approximately one in 40 births in the United States.

Alma, a cutting-edge device engineered to swiftly and securely address this critical concern. 
The Alma System utilizes vacuum-based technology specifically tailored to manage abnormal postpartum uterine bleeding and postpartum hemorrhage, providing a swift and efficient treatment option. 
ResQ Medical is presenting ALMA, an innovative solution for treating life-threatening Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH)
in a physiological manner.

Our approach with ALMA is to support the natural contraction of the uterus which in turn leads to the cessation of the bleeding as occurring naturally in any normal birth, and which doesn’t occur in the case of PPH.
This innovative approach contrasts with the medical devices used today, which are based on inserting and inflating a balloon inside the uterine cavity- causing the uterus to expend against the natural mechanism of the body.


Dr. Itamar Dach, DVM, Co-founder

17-year journey in the medical device industry, taking on various pivotal roles, CEO at Cardioset medical, leading field Marketing at Philips Healthcare.
Senior Field Service professional at Volcano, contributing to critical functions.
Dynamic expertise as a Product Specialist was refined at SyncRx.
At Navotek Medical, gained insights into research and development as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) and Preclinical Coordinator. Made contributions to Biocontrol Medical as a Clinical Research Executive (CRE).

Dr. Amnon Weichselbaum, Ph.D., Co-founder

Seasoned entrepreneur in the medical field, including co-founder of Fertiligent, which markets a slow-release insemination device, Bacterioscan, which markets an electro-optical device for rapid and accurate bacterial detection and Aqueduct Medical which developed a single-use hysteroscope. Former CTO & Business Development Director at OFEK technological incubator, Migdal HaEmek, and Israel L.N, Altshuler Shaham technological accelerator, Haifa, Israel. Received his Ph.D. in  Medical sciences from Technion-Israel Inst of Technology Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Michael Stark, M.D. Medical leader, Co-founder

Specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology. In the years 1983-2000 was the director of Ob/Gyn department of the Misgav Ladach Hospital in Jerusalem, and between 2001 and 2009 the chairman of Gynecology at the HELIOS, European Hospital Group. Currently scientist at the Charite Un, the President of the New European Surgical Academy (NESA), an international inter-disciplinary surgical academy. Prof. Stark was the scientific advisor of the European novel Tele-surgical system, scientific and medical advisor of the ELSAN, a 120-hospital group in France and is a guest scientist at the Charite’s University hospital in Berlin. 





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